a lady from Mirissa

Looking back; looking froward…


A Local Goddess?


She’s a heroine, but not yet a Goddss…

The Temple in Kirinda is built where Vihara Maha Devi, sacrificing herself to the sea in order to save the nation, landed safely. The temple premise is full of Gods and Godesses…Even goddesses Kali and Pattini are there…how come we don’t have  a local goddess?

Together, we

Pradeep Chandrasiri, an artist, and Premadasa, a teacher

The Ancient Forest is thinning away

As we gaze, together

Together, we feel


Together we smile

Together, we

are the origins of each other

So, together we smile

Pradeep is an artist based in Colombo, Premadasa is a teacher from the native community in Dambana. It is a rare moment, when their paths cross, and they get a chance to smile together….