A Local Goddess?


She’s a heroine, but not yet a Goddss…

The Temple in Kirinda is built where Vihara Maha Devi, sacrificing herself to the sea in order to save the nation, landed safely. The temple premise is full of Gods and Godesses…Even goddesses Kali and Pattini are there…how come we don’t have  a local goddess?


4 thoughts on “A Local Goddess?

  1. we have too many heroes and very few women among them…no wonder the world is so screwd up. it’s been in the hands of men for too long!

  2. You are right…we always want to make certain things look like they are noble actions coming from within…she didn’t have choice…like many young men in our country these days, who are ‘sacrificing their lives’, for a sorry lot like us!

  3. sacrifice herself ? i dont think she had a choice. she was flung in to the raging (tsunami ???) sea ( by her father in kelaniya ).

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