Somewhere…over the rainbow…


Walls Within

Perforating the mass of mutual silence
Honesty romp around us
Victoriously, for a moment
In this house that conceals
A delicate understanding
Of pink brocade curtains
And dusty book racks

The nights are stirred
By explanations
And I suddenly fall
Into the clenched desire inside you
The residues of childhood pain
The darkness waiting under your eyelids

Why have we not met
Having spent so long together
On this unfamiliar terrain?

Should I smother this surprise
Inside me, as a compromise?
Change the curtains, sell the books
Colour-wash the walls?
So this uncharted intimacy
Does not throw us
Into something too urgent
We may regret?

I yearn to touch you
We have shared in amicable silence
This lentil soup we loathe
For so long, so well