The Nearness of You

And now that I have you

Next to me

So calm is the night

The moments twinkling

Like stars in a Christmas sky


Now that I have your arms

Around me

So warm is the night

Our breaths intermingling  

With the wind-chimers’ sigh


Now that I have your love

Surrounding me

So innocent is the night

The every-day barrenness fading

From the far corners of life


Now that I hear your breathing

I feel you feel the same

Your heart beating

To the harmony

Of your smile


But now that you are near me

So wakeful is the night

Just as much as I keep awake

When you are out of sight


We’ve been with ourselves for too long

Our beds so narrow

Our hearts too stricken

So late into our lives


And the nearness of you

The nearness of me

This love

Steals our sleep


So we hold each other like

Wrapped gifts

We never asked for

Nor deserve

Surprised we finally found

This bliss


But thank god,

For the nearness


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