Street walkers

Colombo cuddles another night

As I walk to the bus,

Disoriented, after work.


I feel skinless under the clothes.

If I had a chance to change the world,

I will change my boss.


My fluid fragmented

Divided self flows

To mingle with the dark.


And the world seeps into me.

The crowded bus. The neon lights.

Doors open to celebrate my plight.


The lurid lipstick, the wayward glance

Of a street walker on her prowl

I tell myself – look;

There are lives worse than your own.

Sanity insults: how?

Aren’t we all what we despise?

After all,

She sells her body.

We sell our lives.



One thought on “Street walkers

  1. Whoa! Thats quite a finish!…reminds me of what Prof.Nirmal Ranjith Dewasisri (Colombo Varsity History Department) once said in a lecture…that this is the age of “Homo Economicus”. Economy dictates to us…?

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