The Most Important Journey

For a long time, I have been searching for this advertisement. I saw it first in one of my early workshops at JWT, when I was just a junior copywriter. This was done by JWT Buenos Airis and won a Cannes. Even if it wasn’t made by JWT and hadn’t won a Cannes it would still be my best add to date. The Dream this add stood for – an affinity to true and guneuine art – sustained me through many miserable late nights in advertising, writing unbearably frivolous lines for Celltell and Lux, I remember. Of course, it couldn’t sustain me for long…I could only last for eight months in advertising. Not even the possibility of an add like this, which I feel is a masterpiece, I will say it without wincing, could keep me longer.

I suddenly remembered this add today, out of the blue…maybe I was thinking about ‘The Journey’. From the one that we were, to the dream that we want to be. It is amazing, I knew instantly the line was from the Air Argentina add.

So, even an add could offer you some imagination, some wisdom.

How I wish, we had more of such adds, instead of the stuff we are forced to see daily…but then, I shouldn’t complain. I don’t watch TV. So I don’t see adds. So I don’t even know if they are better or worse.