Tarkovsky inspired me to look at my candlestand by the mirror once again. I watched his Nostalghia yesterday. many Sri Lankan filmmakers are inspired by Tarkovsky. I admit, he is poetic. I admit, I couldn’t beat his concept of “Sculpting in Time”. But there was a strange foreboding while I watched his film. The scene on the Maddona of childbirth, and the candle of faith were really haunting.

What is it exactly that we like so much in Tarkovsky?






There’s comfort in walking
walking consciously
walking to remember and forget
without looking back

Behind you, your footsteps
sunk into the wet sands
are frisked away by playful waves,
in the froth of childhood innocence

Rising from the vortex
we walk onto the land
looking for what we have lost
in the currents of our times

Dressed in white of froth and foam
a woman walks onto the land
as always, searching
for someone she had loved and lost
in the currents of her times

As always, wandering
why she – of all – survived.